E-Aadhar Card Download by Virtual ID (VID)

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E-Aadhar Card Download

The UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) Aadhar Card is a unique and distinctive 12-digit numeric code which acts as both an identity and address proof for the Indian citizens. Aadhar Card can be availed irrespective of age by every Indian citizen. The card is now a vital addition to every Indian owing to the various benefits associated with it. You can download your Aadhar Card as soon as the enrollment process is done. This article is aimed at showcasing E-Aadhar Card Download by Virtual ID.

E-Aadhar Card Download by Virtual ID (VID):

Virtual ID is a new process (technique) launched by UIDAI to ensure security and reliability against data leaks. This system has been devised to avoid issues created due to data breaches and misuse of Aadhar Card information.

The Aadhar Virtual ID (VID) is a 16-digit unique temporary number which will remain active for a minimum validity period set by UIDAI. You have the facility of generating, revoking or retrieving the VID via uidai.gov.in. You can use the new VID instead of an Aadhar number in situations where KYC or authentication services are required. Moreover, the Government of India plans on making the VID mandatory for all authentications from 1st June, 2018.

How to generate Virtual Identity Number (VID):

Please follow the steps mentioned below for generating your Virtual ID.

  1. Visit uidai.gov.in and navigate to Virtual ID (VID) generator under the Aadhar Services column (or) visit VIDgeneration to directly go to the required page.
  2. Once you are redirected to a new page, you need to fill details which include
    1. Your Aadhar Number
    2. Security Code (You have the option of fetching an alternate Captcha code in case you are not clear with the present one. Please click on ‘Try another option’ present beside the ‘Enter Security Code’ section)
  3. Upon filling the details, click on Send OTP. You will receive a 6-digit verification code on your registered mobile number/mail ID. Type in the received code at the Enter OTP
  4. Once the OPT is verified, you have two options of either
    1. Generating VID
    2. Retrieving VID

Click on Generate VID if you are generating VID for the first time. You will receive a 14-digit VID on your registered mobile number which will be active for the next 30 minutes.

Steps to E-Aadhar Card Download by Virtual ID:

Upon generating your VID, you can use it to download E-Aadhar Card online. Please follow the steps mentioned below to download your E-Aadhar Card using VID.

  1. Open the UIDAI page and select VID option. (i.e. click on Virtual ID option out of the three options available)
  2. Fill in details which include
    1. Your generated VID number (14-Digits) (mandatory)
    2. Full Name (Please make sure you type the name in the same format as registered in your Aadhar) (mandatory)
    3. Pin Code (Area you have listed during Aadhar Card Enrollment) (mandatory)
    4. Security Code (You can generate a different Captcha code in case you are unclear with the present one. Please click on ‘Try another option’ for a new CAPTCHA(security) code) (mandatory)
  3. Upon filling the details, you will see an option asking “Do you have TOTP“. You can generate TOTP using an m-Aadhar app. If you have an m-Aadhar app and wish to use TOTP, then please select the checkbox and type in the TOTP.
  4. Alternatively, click on Request OTP section if you do not wish to use TOTP. Upon selecting this option, you will receive a 6 – digit code on the registered mobile number/mail ID. Enter the received code in Enter OTP section and click Download Aadhar.

Your E-Aadhar Card is downloaded in PDF format. It is advisable to open it in Adobe Reader or any application which supports PDF format. Once you download your Aadhar Card, you can either take a print out or store it on your phone for future use.

However, the E-Aadhar Card is protected by a password. (i.e. you need a password to open you, E-Aadhar Card). Please follow the steps below to generate your E-Aadhar password.

Process for the Opening Aadhar Card PDF:

The PDF E-Aadhar file protected by an 8- alphanumeric character password. Moreover, the 8-character password is a combination of the first four letters of your name written in CAPITAL letters (Name written in Aadhar Card) and your Year of Birth (in YYYY format).

You can find examples of E-Aadhar passwords below

Example 1: Your name is SATISH D
Your Year of Birth is 1967 
Then your E-Aadhaar password is SATI1967

Example 2: Your name is D.N. PATEL 
Your Year of Birth is 1989 
Then your E-Aadhaar password is D.N.1989 (‘.’ is a character making ‘D’,’.’,’N’,’.’ 4 different letters)

Example 3: Your name is RIA
Your year of birth is 1970
Then your E-Aadhar password is RIA1970

Example 4: Your name is ARJUN PATEL
Your year of birth is 1967
Then your E-Aadhar password is ARJU1967

Please note: The correct spelling of ‘Aadhar‘ is Aadhaar. However, a lot of people search for this content with the misspelt word. For their benefit, we use the word ‘Aadhar’.

What is Virtual ID (VID) for Aadhar Cards?

The Virtual ID is a temporary and random 16-digit numeric ID mapped to your Aadhar Card number. It is temporary in nature and will stay active for a minimum validity period set by UIDAI. The VID technique was created to address the growing insecurities surrounding Aadhar Cards regarding their leaks and data breaches. One of the best properties of VID is that one cannot trace back your Aadhar Card using a VID.

The VID follows Verhoeff algorithm. The last digit of VID is checksum using the algorithm as in your Aadhar number. Moreover, you are eligible to have only one active VID for your Aadhar at any given time.

In addition, the Virtual ID can be used for purposes of authentication wherever an Aadhar Card is required. Though its adoption is not high, it will become mandatory in the coming days with various entities being compelled to migrate to a system where they can accept VID.

Also, owing to VID being a digital ID, you can generate it a multiple number of times without the fear of exposing your Aadhar number. You can use VID for

  • Opening a new bank account
  • Applying for tatkal passports
  • Purchasing new insurance policies
  • Utilizing government subsidies

You can refer to Aadhar Card download for checking out alternate methods other than Virtual ID to download your Aadhar Card.

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