How to Link Aadhaar Card with Bank Account

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link bank account with aadhaar card

The Indian government has put out a notification in June 2017 requiring all citizens to link Aadhaar card with bank account. The current deadline for the linking is December 31, 2017.

In case of accounts failing to comply, account holders will be revoked access to their bank accounts. Account holders will only be given access once they link their aadhaar card with their bank accounts.

In October 2017, RBI has also made a ruling mandating that bank accounts do need to be linked with Aadhaar cards. This ruling dismissed some media speculation which claimed otherwise.

4 methods to link Aadhaar card with bank account:

  1. Linking at Bank branch
  2. ATM
  3. Internet & Mobile Banking
  4. SMS

Linking at Bank branch

For linking at bank branch, one will need their bank passbook along with a copy of their Aadhaar card for verification. One can get an application form to link bank account with Aadhaar card from the bank branch. Once all the documents and application are ready, you can submit them at your nearest bank branch.

Linking through Internet & Mobile Banking

All the major banks including SBI and HDFC have set up online portals and mechanisms for customers to link bank accounts with Aadhaar cards. This is by far the easiest process and most recommended. Below is a set of instructions that you can use

  • Go to your bank’s official online banking website/mobile application
  • Sign in using your account details
  • On the home page of your bank account, you can find a link provided by your bank to “Link bank account with Aadhaar card’
  • Submit all the details necessary
  • Your bank will verify your information and documents before finalizing the process

Linking through ATM

When you next go to your bank ATM, you will notice that banks have set up a way for customers to link bank accounts with Aadhaar cards at ATM’s. Just follow the instructions as given by your bank authorities at the ATM to complete the process.

Check if your bank account is linked with Aadhaar

If you have already completed the linking steps, you can check if your bank account is linked with Aadhaar to make sure the process is complete. Please note that you can only do this for your most recently linked account.


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