Linking Aadhaar with the mobile number online is going to be a lot simpler starting December 1st, 2017. Mobile companies are rolling out a service to link your Aadhar with your mobile number just by using OTP.

This means the users no longer need to visit telecom company stores to link their Aadhaar with their mobile numbers. They will be able to complete this process from the comfort of their own homes without having to stand in long lines.

This is how the process works

Before you start to ensure you have access to the mobile number registered with your Aadhar. You can verify the mobile number registered here: “”. You can verify the last 3 digits of your phone number. The rest of the digits are masked to protect user privacy. This is different from the mobile Aadhar linking. You can have only one registered phone number on your Aadhar account. You use this number for Aadhar OTP verification. Whereas you can link any number of mobile SIMs to your Aadhar.

There are 3 ways to verify your mobile number linking using the OTP


You need send an SMS to the official UIDAI number which will be publicized. The SMS should include Aadhar number and the mobile number you want to link. You will then receive an OTP from UIDAI on the phone number registered with your Aadhar profile (at the time of getting your Aadhar card). You need to SMS this OTP back to UIDAI number and you will get a confirmation.


You can call the UIDAI number and punch in your Aadhar number and the mobile number you want to link. UIDAI will send OTP to the registered phone number on your Aadhar profile. You need to punch in this OTP to confirm the link up.


Alternatively, you can walk into any of your telecom company stores and give the friendly customer service executive your Aadhar number and Mobile number. They will key in the details and you receive OTP on the registered phone number on your profile. You need to provide this to the telecom employee for them to complete the process.

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