How to Link Insurance Policies with Aadhar Card Number

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Aadhar card Linking deadlines

The Indian government has made an amendment to the PMLA (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) which has required all insurance policy holders to link insurance policies with Aadhar card. The deadline for this activity is set as December 31, 2017. If one does not link their insurance policy with their Aadhar card before the deadline, their insurance policy might be frozen until the linking.

Ways to link insurance policies with Aadhar card number

Online Linking for already registered user

If you are already a registered online user with your policy account, you can log in to your policy account and find the webpage link to connect Aadhar card to your profile.

Online Linking for first-time registration

If you have never used your policy online account, you have to register your account before being able to connect Aadhar. One can register their policy online account using their policy number, PAN ID, etc.

Offline Linking through policy agent or policy branch

If you want to do this process offline, you may contact your policy agent or fill out an application form in the nearest policy branch.

Note: Authentication to link insurance policies with Aadhar card number

Whichever process you may follow, you will need to have your Aadhar registered mobile phone number to verify the OTP process. Once you enter your Aadhar details, there is a prompt to enter OTP in the verification page.

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