How To Get RuPay Card?

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How to get rupay card

What Is a RuPay Card?

To understand how to get RuPay Card, an applicant must know what is a RuPay Card. RuPay Card is an Indian domestic card scheme, such as Visa and Master cards. It was launched by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). (RuPay; Ru: Rupee, Pay: Payment).

Eligibility For RuPay Card

To be eligible for RuPay card, an applicant must:

  • Apply at any public, private, regional, rural, etc. bank in India. Some of the banks that offer RuPay cards include the Central Bank of India, SBI, ICICI, UBI, PNB, and Kotak Bank.
  • Hold a basic savings account or small account with the bank.
  • Hold an account under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna (PMJDY).
  • Provide basic documents like ID and address proof.

How To Get RuPay Card?

To apply for a Rupay card, a customer must:

  • Be eligible by opening a bank account or by already having a bank account.
  • Make an application with the bank for a RuPay card. Some banks issue RuPay cards only, such as South Indian Bank.
  • Once an applicant receives the RuPay card, they must register it to make online and e-commerce payments.
  • A customer must enter information and card details online. This includes name, card number, expiry date, CVD2 (a version of CVV), etc.
  • The customer receives an OTP on their registered email and/or mobile. The OTP is then entered online.
  • An applicant must then select an image, which will be used for all future transactions. The applicant will also be required to enter a word or phrase of words (up to 40 characters) that will be used for future transactions as well.
  • The final step in activating a RuPay card is entering the ATM pin.

Features of RuPay Cards

A Rupay card has the following features:

  • A merchant is charged 0.01% transaction fees when transacting with RuPay.
  • A RuPay card is valid for not more than 10 years from the date of issue, following which, it must be renewed.
  • RuPay can be used anywhere in India. It can also be used for cashless transactions globally.
  • Negligible to nil processing fees on RuPay and thus, is more cost-effective to use than most other cards for transactions in India.

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