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The American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card is a boon for domestic travelers. It has a joining bonus, excellent milestone rewards, and access to airport lounges. Unlike some of the other travel credit cards, the American Express Platinum Travel Credit card earns you reward points and not miles.

This card is a great package for frequent domestic travelers who anticipate spending INR 4 lakhs on their credit card.


With a joining fee of INR 3500 and annual fee of INR 5000, the American Express Platinum Travel Card does not come cheap. However, the benefits and rewards are there for those who are willing to spend INR 4 lakhs per year on their credit card.

One could redeem their rewards points for vouchers from multiple vendors. The best redeeming option for AmEx reward points with the Platinum Travel credit card is with Indigo Vouchers.


  • Excellent Rewards Rate: At 8.375% Rewards Rate for cardholders who spend more than INR 4 lakhs on the American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card and want to redeem their points for Indigo Vouchers, it is one of the best for a travel card.
  • 4 Airport Lounge access passes per year
  • Zero Liability in case of lost card


  • Very limited benefits below annual spend of INR 2 lakhs and beyond annual spend of INR 4 lakhs
  • No international travel benefits
  • Not suited for travelers who do not prefer flying Indigo Airlines
  • Hefty joining/annual fee

American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card: Fees & Charges:

  • Joining Fee: INR 3500 + GST
  • Annual Fee: INR 5000 + GST (From Year 2)
  • Annual Percentage Interest Rate (APR): 42% – 45%
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 3.50%

How much money will I get in rewards and benefits?

With the American Express Platinum Travel card, one can get rewards of INR 33500 with an annual spend of INR 4 lakhs promising the Platinum Travel card customers a reward rate of 8.375% which is one of the best in the segment. Below is a breakdown of the rewards:

  • Welcome Gift: 5,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points which can be redeemed for Indigo Airlines travel vouchers worth INR 4000
  • Milestone Rewards: 
    • Indigo Airlines travel voucher on INR 1.9 lakhs spend worth INR 7700
    • Indigo Airlines travel voucher on INR 4 lakhs spend worth INR 11800
    • Taj Hotels voucher on INR 4 lakhs spend worth INR 10000
  • Priority Pass Membership: 4 lounge passes per year
  • Rewards: 1 points every Rs. 50 on any purchase except for spend on Fuel, Insurance, Utilities and Cash Transactions

Which other cards should you look at?

If you are looking at the American Express Platinum Travel credit card, you are probably looking at non-branded, airline independent travel credit card. A decent alternative is the CitiBank PremierMiles Credit Card.

The CitiBank PremierMiles Credit Card lets you earn points across categories that can be redeemed in travel miles across airlines. One can earn 10 miles for every Rs. 100 spent on any airline across the world. One can also earn 4 miles for all other spend categories. This card also has excellent benefits with airport lounges at 6 passes for Mastercard users per quarter and 8 passes for Visa users per quarter. At an annual fee of INR 3000, the Citi PremierMiles is an excellent alternative.

Final Verdict:

For those who are confident of spending greater than INR 4 lakhs on their credit card and frequently travel within India, the American Express Platinum Travel card should be a must have. With rewards rate at 8.375% and other benefits like airloune lounge access, this card is one of the best value for money cards.

On the flip side, one’s reward points are best compensated with Indigo Airlines vouchers. So, if you do not like flying Indigo Airlines, you may want to stay away from this card. Additionally, the card is not worth the INR 5000 annual fee for those who do not spend more than INR 2 lakhs per year.


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