Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card Review – The Best Credit Card for Globetrotters

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citibank premier miles credit card

Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card is one of the most popular travel credit cards for its all-rounder benefits on rewards, miles, redemptions across categories, excellent introductory benefits, and at least 6 access passes to airport lounges every quarter.

If one is a frequent traveller across airlines and wants their travel spend to reflect on their rewards statements, the Citibank PremierMiles Travel Credit Card is a good option. The interest rate and the annual fee are a tad bit on the higher side, but the intro bonus does make up for it. This is a premium card from Citibank with the annual fees set at INR 3000.

FinTown Rating: 3.5 / 5

Rating by Category:

Category Rating
Annual Fee                                              3.5
Rewards Rate  4
Initial Bonus  3
APR  2.5
  • Although the annual fee for this card is INR 3000, this fee is quite reasonable for availing travel benefits on flights and access to lounges.
  • The rewards rate for this card is impressive. However, some other cards provide better offers.
  • The initial bonus is better than the average. However, credit cards such as Jet Privilege HDFC Bank Diners Club card offers up to 30,000 JP Miles upon joining.
  • The Annual Percentage Rate is rather on the higher side due to the variable interest ranging from 37.20% to 42%(APR).

Pros & Cons:

Reasons to Choose
Reasons to avoid
Excellent Intro Benefits  High APR at 42%
No expiry date of accumulated reward points  No golf privileges
PremierMiles on every time you spend
Airport Lounge Access
Rewards programme not limited to a few airlines
Complimentary Insurance Coverage

Benefits/Rewards- Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card:

Introductory Bonus Miles

With the Citibank PremierMiles Card, you get an introductory bonus of 10,000 miles on spending INR 1000 or more within 60 days of Card Issuance. Additionally, the Citi PremierMiles Card gives you 3,000 miles on card renewal.


You can earn accelerated 10 Miles per INR 100 when you book flight tickets and hotel stays at the dedicated PremierMiles website. Moreover, you can earn 10 Miles per INR 100 spent on all airline transactions – with any airline in the world. Lastly, you can earn 4 miles for every INR 100 spent on all other transactions.

Airport lounge access:

While the Mastercard holders get 6 complimentary visits per calendar quarter, Visa holders get 8 complimentary visits per quarter.

Air accident insurance

This card provides complimentary insurance INR 1 crore cover in case of loss of life due to an air accident.

Never expiring miles

Unlike many other credit cards, the Miles earned on Citibank PremierMiles Card does not expire.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

This card gives you a Fuel Surcharge Waiver at all IndianOil Petrol pumps that have Citibank EDC machines.

Is the Rewards Rate good?

For online spends on partner e-travel sites like Indigo etc for flight tickets, you earn 10 miles for every INR 100 spent.

  • On online travel partners, 100 Miles = INR 45. Therefore, 1 mile = INR 0.45
  • On partner retail outlets ratio of redemption – 100 rewards points = INR 30. Therefore, 1 mile = INR 0.3
  • Online entertainment & utility partners, 100 reward points = INR 30. Therefore, 1 mile = INR  0.3
  • For Fabindia ratio of redemption – 100 rewards points = INR 15. Therefore 1 mile = INR 0.15. Also, applicable to Amazon.
  • 100 reward points = INR 30. Therefore, 1 mile = INR  0.3

On spending INR 100, you earn 10 reward points i.e. 0.30 * 10 = INR 3. On spending INR 1, you get INR 0.03. Therefore, the rewards rate for airline spend is 3%.

For Amazon and FabIndia, the rewards rate is 1.5%.

However, the reward rate is maximum for redeeming against its travel partners. The rewards rate for this category is 4.5%.

Is this card for you?

This card is perfect for you if you are a frequent traveller and you are very particular about your comfort while travelling. The Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card also offers 6-8 complimentary access to airport lounges, which you can make use of while travelling. Additionally, you can make use of your miles to earn airline tickets.

You would also enjoy up to 15% discounts on dining bills. Therefore, you would like this card if you a traveller and a foodie.

Payments & Fees:

Annual Fee INR 3000 + GST
Foreign Transaction mark-up fee  3.5% of the transaction amount
Cash Advance Fee
2.0% on the billed amount withdrawn, subject to a minimum
of INR 300
Over Credit Limit Fee
2.5% of the amount (excluding fees, charges and taxes) over the credit limit, subject to a minimum of INR 500
Credit Card Replacement Fee  Nil
Late Payment Fee INR 100 and above
Railway Ticket Surcharge  1.8% + GST through IRCTC

How to get the most out of this card?

To obtain maximum benefits out of this card, you should use this card for your travel purposes. Since you receive, maximum 6-8(depending on whether your credit card is a visa or master card) complimentary airport lounge accesses.

You can also avail up to 15% discounts in dining at select restaurants in India. Additionally, in case of an emergency, you can claim an insurance worth INR 1 crore.

To get 10000 miles, spend INR 1000 or more within 60 days of card issuance. Furthermore, you can get 3000 miles on card renewal. Lastly, you can transfer 2 miles to airline partners and get 1 frequent flyer air mile.

How to Redeem Rewards – Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card?

Tracking reward points or redeeming them is quite easy when it comes to Citi PremierMiles Credit Card. You can track your reward points by typing REWARDS ‘XXXX'(XXXX – last four digits of your card) to 52484 or +91-9880752484.

Fo redeeming your rewards, you can make use of Instant Redemption feature. This is available on all their partner websites like goibibo, Indigo, MakeMyTrip, yatra, shoppers stop, Vodafone etc.

Terms & Conditions Explained:

  1. Grace Period: Interest-free period depends on the date of the transaction and the statement date. For example, for a purchase dated 16th May, interest-free grace period would be 16th May to 2nd July. Note that 2nd July is the payment due date. This rule is applicable only when payments have been made in full in previous months.
  2. Foreign Currency Transactions: It is to be noted that the exchange rate used is that of the date of settlement and not the date of the transaction. Therefore, you might have to pay more, if US dollars appreciate against Indian Rupee.
  3. Credit Limit and withdrawal Limit: These limits are communicated to the cardholder at the time of delivery of card and in the monthly statements.

Application Requirements/Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for applying Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card are as follows:

  • Age – 21 to 65 years
  • Annual Income – INR 300,000

Negative Customer Feedback:

Based on 243 reviews on, the product rating was 2.14 out of 5. This rating is based on 3 parameters:

  • Customer Services – 2/5
  • Rates and Charles – 2/5
  • Satisfaction – 2/5

People complain of unnecessary charges by Citi Bank and poor customer service. Please note that is a complaint forum, therefore, it is not uncommon to find more negative reviews than positive ones.

Other Credit Cards with similar/better Features:

AmEx Platinum Travel Credit Card:

One of the best cards that you should alternatively look at is the AmEx Platinum Travel Credit Card. Similar to the Citi PremierMiles Credit Card, the AmEx Platinum Travelcard gives its cardholders airline points that can be redeemed for travel vouchers (Indigo Airlines). For those who spend over INR 4 lakhs per year, travel rewards add up to over INR 33,500 which results in a rewards rate of 8.375%. The AmEx Platinum Travel card has a high annual fee at INR 5000. One should have a spend of at least INR 4 lakhs to take advantage of the excellent rewards rate.

HDFC Diner’s Club Black Credit Card:

With one of the highest reward rates, this premium card gives you unlimited access to over 700 international airport lounges and 35 domestic lounges across the world, therefore, making it our first choice.

It offers better Rewards and 10,000 joining bonus points and 5000 renewal bonus points. The monthly interest rate of 1.99% is also much lower than the PremierMiles Credit Card. Additionally, foreign currency mark-up fee of 2% is reasonable. With this card, you also get complimentary golf rounds.

However, this card is very difficult to get. You need to have an annual income of INR 20-30 lakh to get an approval for this credit card. Moreover, the joining fee of INR 10,000 is also higher.

Jet Privilege HDFC Bank Diner’s Club Credit Card:

The Jet Privilege HDFC Bank Diner’s Club Credit Card targets high-income individuals. Although it is limited to Jet Airways, the offers that it provides is quite impressive.

On swiping your card in the first 90 days, you get 15,000 miles that can be used for any purchase. Moreover, you can use these miles to purchase tickets on the website of Jet Airways. You should note that you need to spend INR 1,50,000 to qualify for the intro bonus.

You can also get 8 JP Miles for every INR 150 spent on retail spends. However, the minimum transaction amount should be INR 150. Additionally, you get unlimited golf games in elect golf courses in India and abroad. However, you need to book in advance. Lastly, you would also enjoy 5% discounts on dining bills with this card.

How to apply for Citi Bank PremierMiles Credit Card?

To apply for the PremierMiles Card, you need to fill in your details on the bank’s page so that the bank can contact you.

Think this credit card is for you, APPLY NOW.

Bottom Line:

The Citi PremierMiles Credit Card is a useful credit card for those who are seeking good air miles and airport lounge benefits. The annual fee and interest rate are on the higher side, but the intro benefits program somewhat makes up for it. With 10x points for airline spend, the traveller who is agnostic to airlines will surely get rewarded well.

One of the major complaints many people have on this card is that the rewards categories have been devalued. Even after devaluation, the card continues to hold its own. With a variable APR ranging from 37.20% to 42%, one might want to stay away from this card unless they intend to make card balance in full every month.

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