HDFC Credit Card Online Payment: How to make HDFC Credit Card Payment?

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HDFC Credit Card payment

HDFC allows customers to make credit card payments online. But, to make payments online, one must understand the several facilities extended by HDFC for making credit payments. We will go over net banking, HDFC mobile banking app, ATM transfer, NEFT/transfer from another bank, etc.

How To Make HDFC Credit Card Payment?

You can make your HDFC credit card payments online and offline in India. To make online payments, you can use the following methods:

  • Netbanking
    1. Log on to the HDFC website. Click on net banking. It is essential that you have activated your net banking account.
    2. You must link your credit card to your net banking account before you can proceed. If you have to link your credit card, then click on the link credit card option.
    3. To link your credit card, you must use your credit card ATM pin.
    4. After you link your credit card to your HDFC net banking account, you can make direct payments from net banking for your credit card dues.
    5. You can also make payments from other banks net banking accounts for your HDFC credit card payments. This is supposing you don’t have an HDFC bank account.
  • HDFC Mobile App
    1. You can also download the HDFC mobile banking app from the App Store or the Play Store.
    2. After installing the application, register your account, verify your OTP and enter your net banking ID and password.
    3. Click on the credit card option after you log in. Next, click on credit card payments.
    4. You can now pay for your HDFC credit card from your HDFC saving account. You can also use the web browser to log in and follow the same procedure.
  • ATM
    1. This method is still technically partially online. You can visit any HDFC ATM branch in India.
    2. Once you are at the ATM machine, you can transfer funds from your other HDFC accounts (savings or current) to your credit card account.
  • AutoPay

You also have the option of using net banking or asking the bank to make automatic payments for your credit card bill called AutoPay. You can instruct the bank to deduct the total amount outstanding each month or the minimum amount due.

  • NEFT/Money Transfer

You can also transfer funds from another bank account to your HDFC credit card account using NEFT or money transfer.

Note: You can also pay your credit card bill by cash or cheque at any HDFC bank branch. INR 100 applies for cash transactions.

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