How To Redeem HDFC Credit Card Rewards Points

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HDFC Credit Card Rewards Points

HDFC cardholders can redeem HDFC credit card reward points online or offline (Post, customer care and FasTrac items). A customer needs at least 500 points to redeem points for vouchers, goods or services, tickets, air miles, discounts, etc. Except for the Diners black club credit card (3 years), all HDFC credit card reward points are valid for 2 years.  

How To Redeem HDFC Credit Card Reward Points?

You can redeem your HDFC reward points either:

  1. Online
    1. Log on to the HDFC website and select the credit card option.
    2. You will need to register your credit card before you can proceed. If you have not registered your HDFC credit card, click on register new card. If you have registered your card, click on the redeem reward points link.
    3. Now you must select your credit card from the list of options and click on continue.
    4. Select your category and points accumulated on your credit card. This will give you a list of products you are eligible for. Select the product or voucher that you want to redeem.
    5. Next, click on agree on terms and conditions. The delivery address will be the address linked to your credit card. Click on redeem to place the order and redeem your reward points.
  2. Post
    1. If you want to use the postal service, download the rewards redemption form online on the HDFC website.
    2. Fill in the required details and send the form to HDFC Bank customer care. You can redeem your HDFC reward points through mail and receive the redeemed gift/voucher in a few days.
  3. Call
    1. You can call the HDFC customer care toll-free number to redeem reward points. A sales rep will guide you through the redemption process and the bonuses available.
  4. FasTrac Items
    1. You can also redeem points for products from the HDFC rewards catalog. This option requires a cardholder to pay partially and partially redeem points against a single good or product.
    2. You must use your credit card/cash to make the purchase and only from a list of select available products.
    3. FasTrac items can be redeemed through the redemption form as well.

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