Track HDFC credit card status

An applicant can track their HDFC bank credit card application status right as soon as they apply for a credit card. To track a credit card application status, you need your application number and application reference number.

HDFC Credit Card Application Status

To track your credit card application status, follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the HDFC website. (
  2. Click on products and credit cards.
  3. You can click on track your credit card application status. The link is under important links.
  4. Now, you must enter either your Application Reference Number, Application Form Number or Date of birth along with your registered mobile number.
  5. Once you enter the details correctly, click on the submit button.
  6. The next page will give you the status of your HDFC credit card.  

HDFC Credit Card Status Meaning

  • In Process – a credit card application is currently in review and will take a few more days to complete processing. An application will be in process unless dispatched, disproved, on-hold, etc.
  • Dispatched – If your credit card application is approved, you will get a text message saying dispatched. You will also receive an airmail number of the package.
  • Disproved/rejected – If your credit card application is rejected, you will receive a text message saying disproved or rejected. No reason for rejection will be stated either.
  • On-Hold – If you need to send additional information, you will receive a message from stating the same. After you resolve the issue, the application process will resume.
  • Records Not Found – There may be an error in the application or misinformation in the bank records. Contact HDFC for more information.

How To Track HDFC Bank Credit Card Application Status

  • Online – From HDFCs website in the steps described earlier.
  • Call – 18002664332 (Toll-free) and use your ARN or application number. A customer can call 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • In-Person – by visiting an HDFC bank branch, you can track your credit card application status. Again, you may need your ARN or application number.

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