Track ICICI Credit Card Status

When applying for a credit card, you will need to know how to track your ICICI credit card application. Also, an applicant needs the application number or the application reference number (ARN) allotted at the time of credit card application to track the application status of a credit card.

ICICI Credit Card Application Status


To track your credit card application status, follow the following steps:

  1. Login to the ICICI website. Click the track application status option on the homepage.
  2. You must enter your ARN and mobile number to track your ICICI credit card application status. Your mobile number is the same as the one on the application form. Click on the submit button.
  3. You have an additional option of tracking your application if you use your mobile to access the ICICI portal. The first option is to track using your ARN, PAN and date of birth and the second tracking option is using your PAN and registered mobile number if ARN is not available. The second option also requires OTP verification as well.
  4. Next, click on the submit button. You will get the status of your ICICI credit card.  

iMobile (Mobile App)

  1. Download the iMobile app from the Play store.
  2. Log on to internet banking after registering.
  3. Go to the credit card option. Your credit card application status will be on your mobile app.


You can also call a customer care (toll-free) number to track your ICICI credit card application status. The number is 18001024242. You can call on any working day of the week (Mon-Fri) between 9.00a.m – 6.00p.m


A person can track their ICICI credit card application just by visiting any bank branch. A representative will help you with your tracking status.  

ICICI Credit Card Status Meaning

  • In Progress – means your credit card application is currently still in progress. An application will be in progress unless its approved, rejected, on-hold, dispatched, etc.
  • Approved – means your credit card application is approved by the bank. Your credit card will be in the mail shortly thereafter.
  • Dispatched – means an application is approved. After approval, you will get an SMS stating that the card will reach you within two to three days. Also, the credit card applicant must be present at the time of delivery.
  • Rejected – means your credit card application is rejected. You will receive a text message saying disproved or rejected because you may not meet the eligibility criteria specified by ICICI. Although, if the bank rejects your application, you can call customer care to enquire the reason for rejection.  
  • On-Hold – means the bank requires you to send additional documentation information. Thus, you will receive a message stating on-hold and the steps you need to follow or documents that need to be submitted.

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