Exploring SBI Credit Card Online Payment Methods for Paying Credit Card Bill

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sbi credit card bill payment

Are you wondering how you can pay your SBI credit card bill? SBI credit card online payment has made it easy for credit cardholders to keep up with timely payment of bills. State Bank of India offers a range of credit cards, and each of them comes with some excellent perks and reward programmes. If you have selected a card after a thorough inspection and comparison of the various options, you would want to pay the bills on time to keep your credit score in good shape. Here, we will discuss the different ways to pay SBI credit card bill.

SBI credit card online payment – a brief look at the various options

Being one of largest government banks in India, SBI holds the highest number of customers. To fulfil the needs of its diverse audience, the bank has allowed several ways in which you can pay your SBI credit card bill. Take a look at some of the options:

Paynet-Pay online:

This unique payment option, offered by SBI, allows credit cardholders to pay their bills in a few minutes. To pay your bill through Paynet, you have to visit the official website of State Bank of India and log in using your ID and password. After that, you need to select the payment mode, specify the amount you want to pay and hit the “pay now” option. After completing the transaction, you will receive an online notification as well as an SMS from SBI as an acknowledgment slip.

NEFT or National Electronic Funds Transfer:

NEFT is one of the most popular internet banking and online payment methods. You can pay your SBI credit card bill through this process no matter which bank holds your current or savings account. To pay through National Electronic Funds Transfer, you need to follow these steps:

  • Log into your bank’s online banking portal with the correct username and password.
  • Add your SBI credit card as a beneficiary under the category of third party transfer.
  • Use the specific IFSC code that is assigned for credit card bill payments. The code is –
  • Since your credit card is the beneficiary, you need to add the card number as the account number of the beneficiary.
  • Use the words “SBI Credit Card – NEFT” as the bank name.
  • Provide the bank address.
  • After this, you can proceed to pay the amount for your credit card bill.

VISA Credit Card Pay:

If you have a VISA card, you can take advantage of this method to pay your credit card bill. For this, you need to go to your bank’s net banking portal and log in using the correct details. After selecting the option for “Third Party Funds Transfer,” you need to go for VISA Credit Card Pay. You can initiate the process for funds transfer after providing the sender and receiver details.

Electronic bill payment:

You can use EBP to pay your SBI credit card bill directly from your bank account. You can avail this service through ATM, net banking or the mobile applications of Bank of India, Citibank and State Bank of India. When you select EBP payment mode, you will have access to a host of online payment options.

NACH or National Automated Clearing House:

This process saves you much time and effort. By going for NACH credit card bill payment method, you can have access to the auto debit feature. That means every month, the money will get automatically deducted from your savings account as payment of your SBI credit card bill. To avail this service, you need to fill up the relevant form and submit the same with a cancelled cheque.

Debit card:

Paying your SBI credit card bill with your debit card is actually a fast and secure way to keep up with your payments. However, you need to check first whether your debit card is eligible for this facility. To pay with debit card, you need to visit the official SBI website and select the option for “pay through the debit card.” You would have to provide your card number, email address and the amount you want to pay. After authentication of the information, you need to hit “confirm” to complete the process. The money will then be debited from your account.

SBI mobile application:

The advent of smartphones has made it even easier to pay bills. You can now download the SBI mobile app and pay your credit card bill through this platform. The app is available for Window, iOS and Android. If you pay through the app, it will automatically debit the amount from your account.

SBI credit card offline payment methods – the most popular ones

If you like the old school ways of paying bills, you might want to check out the various ways you can pay your SBI credit card bills offline. Here are some of them:

OTC or Over the Counter Payment:

If your credit card bill is over Rs. 20,000, you can use the OTC payment method. For this, you will need to visit any SBI or associated bank branch. You will receive a receipt, which you will have to fill out and submit along with the amount you want to pay. The teller will then give you an acknowledgment slip as confirmation of your payment.

Manual dropbox:

You will find these drop boxes at the SBI branches all over the country. You need to write a cheque with your credit card number and the amount you want to pay. The SBI credit card number will be the “payee”. You can submit the cheque at your nearest drop box.

Electronic dropbox:

The electronic drop boxes are fairly popular when it comes to bill payment. In this process, you need to write a cheque with your credit card number as the “payee” and the amount you want to pay. You then need to submit the same to an electronic drop box. After this, you will receive a scanned copy of your cheque as an acknowledgment slip.

Now that you know the various ways of paying your SBI credit card bill, you can keep up with timely payments without a hitch!

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