Standard Chartered Bank Emirates World Credit Card

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Standard Chartered Emirates World Credit Card Review

The Standard Chartered Bank Emirates World Credit Card is a co-branded credit card that lets you earn miles on every transaction. With this credit card, you earn Skyward miles, 4,000 points as welcome bonus, airport lounge access, insurance coverage and golf privileges. The miles that you earn can be used to fly with partner airlines, for stays at partner hotels or to purchase tickets for events. In this review article by FinTown, the key benefits, pros and cons etc.  of this card are highlighted, while comparing with similar credit cards.

FinTown Rating: 3/5

Rating by Category:

Category                                              Rating (out of 5)
Annual Fee                                              3
Rewards Rate
Initial Bonus 3
  • The annual fee for this credit card is INR 3,000
  • Rewards rate is average and varies with the vouchers you choose.
  • You get 4,000 Skyward miles as bonus points
  • The Annual Percentage Rate for this credit card is 37.20%, which is a moderate rate.
Standard Chartered Bank Emirates World Credit Card
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Although Emirates World Credit Card comes at a high annual fee, the benefits that it offers are decent. Therefore, let us take a glance at the pros and cons of this credit card to get a complete picture of the advantages and disadvantages of the SC Emirates World Credit Card. 

Pros & Cons:

Reasons to Choose
Reasons to Avoid
 Earn miles on every transaction High interest rate
Airport Lounge access High Annual Fee
Golfing privileges
Cash back on Uber and Duty-Free expenditure

Rewards/Benefits – Standard Chartered Emirates World Credit Card

  • Welcome Bonus: 4,000 Skyward Miles on enrolment
  • Rewards Programme:
    • 3 Skywards Miles for every spend of INR 150
    • 6 Skywards Miles for every Emirates spend of INR 150
    • 5% Cash back on duty-free spends
    • 20% Cash back on Uber spends
  • Airport Lounge Access: 2 Complimentary Access to 25+ domestic Airport Lounges every month in India
  • Golf games: Access to Golf courses
  • Insurance Coverage: Complimentary air accident insurance of up to INR 10 Million

Is the rewards rate good?

Every Skyward Mile that you earn can be used for the following purchases:

  • Paying full cost of the ticket using Skyward Miles (Classic Rewards Programme)
  • Using a combination of miles and credit/debit cards (Skywards Miles Programme)
  • Upgrade from economy class to Business Class or Business Class to First Class (Reward Upgrades)

1 Skyward Mile is approximately INR 0.65. To illustrate the calculation,  45,000 Skyward Miles will give you a one-way Ticket from New York to Milan. The approximate prices from New York to Milan during July is INR 68,341.

Is this credit card for you?

This credit card is  for you if:

  • A high annual fee and interest rate don’t bother you
  • You prefer taking Emirates or other partner airlines
  • You spend a minimum of INR 10,000 on your card in a month (eligibility criteria for airport lounge access)
  • To avail 20% cash back on Uber rides, you should be living in a city where Uber operates and you should have spent at least INR 15,000 on your card in the previous month

 How to Redeem Rewards?

To redeem your Emirates World Credit Card Skyward Miles, you will have to log in to your account on this page. You need to fill in the relevant online request form to start the miles redemption process. You can choose to spend these miles on flights with partner airlines, luxury hotel stays, fun-filled family days out, or even tickets to a wide range of sporting and cultural events across the globe.

How to make the most of this credit card?

To get the most out of this credit card, you should spend at least INR 10,000 on your credit card, so that you can avail complimentary airport lounge access. Furthermore, you will get a 20% cash back on Uber rides, which is capped at INR 600 in a month and INR 7,200 in a year. Since this card comes at a high interest rate, it would be smart to not carry forward any revolving credit. Furthermore, you should make use of the complimentary golf games and green fee waivers to make the most out of this credit card.

Payments & Fees – SC Emirates Credit Card:

Annual Fee INR 3,000
Foreign Transaction mark-up fee  3.5% of the transaction amount.
Cash Withdrawal Fee 3% of cash withdrawal amount subject to a minimum of INR 300
Late Payments Fee INR 100 to INR 800 depending upon statement outstanding balance. Additionally, a late charge of INR 100 will be charged when two consecutive months are missed
Over Limit Fees INR 500 per instance or 2.5% of the Overlimit amount. (Minimum INR 500)
Minimum Payment Due (MPD) on
extended credit usage
The higher of the following:
(a) 5% of statement outstanding
(b) sum total of all instalments billed, interest, fees, other charges, the amount that is over limit and 1% of the principal.
(c)INR 250
Surcharges INR 25 or 2.5% of the transaction (whichever is higher) on Railway transactions. INR 10 or 1% of the transaction (whichever is higher) on Petrol transactions.
Rewards Redemption Fee INR 99

Terms & Conditions Explained:

  • Late Payment Fee:
    • 100 INR for statement outstanding balance less than or equal to INR 500
    • 350 INR for statement outstanding balance between INR 501 and INR 2,000
    • 500INR  for statement outstanding balance between INR 2,001 and INR 4,000
    • 700  INR for statement outstanding balance between INR 4,001 and INR 20,000
    • 800 INR for statement outstanding balance greater than INR 20,000.

Application – Eligibility & Documents:

  • Applicant’s age should be between 21 and 65.
  • Applicant should have a stable monthly income.
  • Applicant should belong to credit cards sourcing cities/locations of the Bank
  • All applications are subject to credit and other policy checks of the Bank
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Other Credit cards with similar/better features:

Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card

The Citi PremierMiles Credit Card is a great option for those who are seeking to earn air miles and airport lounge benefits. The annual fee and interest rate are on the higher side, but the introductory benefits compensate for it. With 10x points for airline spend, this is the first airline agnostic Credit Card launched by CitiBank.

One of the major complaints many people have on this card is that the rewards categories have been devalued. Even after devaluation, the card continues to be one of the best credit cards for travel and earning air miles. With a variable APR ranging from 37.20% to 42%, one might want to stay away from this card unless they intend to make card balance in full every month.

American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card:

One of the best cards that you should alternatively look at is the AmEx Platinum Travel Credit Card. Similar to the Citi PremierMiles Credit Card, the AmEx Platinum Travelcard gives its cardholders airline points that can be redeemed for travel vouchers. For those of you who spend over INR 4 lakhs per year, travel rewards add up to over INR 33,500 which results in a rewards rate of 8.375%. The AmEx Platinum Travel card has a high annual fee at INR 5000. You should have a spend of at least INR 4 lakhs to take advantage of the excellent rewards rate.

Jet Privilege HDFC Bank Diner’s Club Credit Card:

The Jet Privilege HDFC Bank Diner’s Club Credit Card targets high-income individuals. Although it is limited to Jet Airways, the offers that it provides is quite impressive. On swiping your card in the first 90 days, you get 15,000 miles that can be used for any purchase. Moreover, you can use these miles to purchase tickets on the website of Jet Airways. You should note that you need to spend INR 1,50,000 to qualify for the introductory bonus.

You can also get 8 JP Miles for every INR 150 spent on retail spends. However, the minimum transaction amount should be INR 150. Additionally, you get unlimited golf games in select golf courses in India and abroad. However, you need to book in advance. Lastly, you would also enjoy 5% discounts on dining bills with this card.

Bottom Line

The Standard Chartered Emirates World Credit Card is a good option to earn air miles due to its partnership with Emirates. However, you must take note of the fact that this credit card does not offer the best miles programme. Furthermore, cards like Citi PremirerMiles lets you choose the airline you want to fly with. Nevertheless, the welcome bonus, complimentary airport lounge visit, free golf lessons and green fee waivers etc. make this card appealing.

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