Commercial CIBIL Report (Tips to Improve Corporate CIBIL Rank)

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commercial cibil

Banks use Commercial CIBIL report data to make decisions on the creditworthiness of business’s credit applications. CIBIL gives two types of Credit Reports: Consumer CIBIL Reports for individuals and Commercial CIBIL Reports for companies. Companies have a credit report in the form of the Commercial CIBIL report that helps banks understand which companies are worthy of credit. The Corporate CIBIL Report … Read More

How does Debt Settlement Impact Credit Score?

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How does Debt Settlement Impact Credit Score

What is Debt Settlement? A debt settlement is a process where a creditor and debtor mutually agree to settle the debt for an amount lower than the total due. Debt settlements occur when a debtor has the intent to repay a loan but not the means to do so. In this case banks may choose to settle with the debtor … Read More

CIBIL Consumer Report – Ultimate Guide to Understand Credit Report

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cibil consumer report

CIBIL consumer report gives a comprehensive review of one’s credit standing through a details report of their past credit transactions. It is important to understand the CIBIL report, its contents, and how each section of the report might impact one’s CIBIL score. CIBIL Consumer Report Details – What is it? CIBIL Consumer Report or Credit Information Report (CIR) has become … Read More

CIBIL Dispute: How to Resolve an Error in Your CIBIL Credit Report?

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cibil dispute

CIBIL score is an important factor taken into account by banks when assessing borrowers on creditworthiness. Poor credit scores lead to higher interest rate or loan rejection from lenders. It sometimes happens that there might be errors in your CIBIL report. Learn how to raise CIBIL dispute to resolve errors. Credit score has become one of the most important metrics … Read More