IndusInd Platinum Plus Debit Card Review

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IndusInd Platinum Plus Debit Card

The IndusInd Platinum Plus Debit Card is a premium card offering lucrative joining benefits and excellent reward systems. This card can be availed by students, housewives, and unemployed as long as a minimum balance is maintained in the respective bank account. Though its joining fee at Rs. 1500 + tax is higher compared to other cards, its maximum reward and decent insurance benefits make it a good choice for customers shopping for a premium level card in a considerable budget.

Also, the card offers high transaction limits capped at Rs. 2,50,000/-  per day for online/purchase at merchant establishments and Rs. 1,25,000/- for ATM cash withdrawals per day making this an optimum card for users with both low and high transaction limits. In addition, the card will be a wonderful inclusion to users who indulge in shopping regularly (both online and retail), with the reward points increasing per transaction.  Moreover, the card also offers “InstaPin” which makes it easy for users to change the Debit Card pin with ease.

FinTown’s Ratings: 3.5 /5

Ratings by Category:

Annual Fee Reward Rate Joining Benefits and Insurance Transaction Limit
2.5 3.5 3.5 4


  • The Annual Fee is one of the major drawbacks of IndusInd Platinum Plus cards owing to the presence of multiple debit cards offering zero annual fees and issuance fee. However, this could be compensated by the multitude of benefits offered by this card.
  • The card also has a variable reward structure in which clients can pile up the reward points based on their spending patterns. This policy allows the user to earn 5X reward structure, which will pay back as they spend. (Rewards structure specified below)
  • The card offers excellent joining benefits and insurance which covers air accident (up to Rs. 30,00,000), lost card liability and purchase protection. This benefit, coupled with vouchers from premium brands and bonus points make this a premium card at a considerable cost.
  • The card also has a high transaction limit as mentioned above which is sufficient for most of the working-class population and target demographic mentioned above. This makes this card a good preference for people with high transaction requirements at low annual costs.

Pros and Cons:

Reasons to Choose IndusInd Platinum Debit Card Reasons to avoid IndusInd Platinum Debit Card
High Transaction Limits High Joining fee and annual fee
Provision of InstaPIN Lack of airport lounges benefits
On-Going Benefit
Variable Reward Structure and Maximum Benefits
Joining Bonus and Attractive Insurance Coverage
Fuel Surcharge Waiver
Discounts on Shopping, Dining, Spa, Travel, and Lifestyle

Is this card for you?

 The card could be right for you if:

  • You are a moderate traveler, and seek to enjoy good discounts and reward benefits on dining, travels, and shopping.
  • If you love watching movies and try to watch at least one movie a month. You can also take along a friend of yours free of cost as long as the ticket price does not exceed Rs. 250/-
  • In case you are extremely keen on availing the benefits and accessibility of digital banking over visiting an ATM.
  • In case you are a person need to transact large sums of money in a single (above 1 Lakh) day without restricting yourself.
  • If you are a regular shopper, you can utilize the variable reward structure of the card to pile points and increase your reward count.

When is this card not for you?

The card is not the right card for you if:

  • If you are a frequent domestic traveler and need better fuel surcharge waiver benefits.
  • In case you want to enjoy the benefits of airport lounges while traveling
  • If you are wary of the high joining and annual fee when compared to other cards which offer zero annual fees.
  • In case you are very particular in withdrawing money from ATM’s instead of using digital banking. IndusInd is not as established as banks like SBI or HDFC, which results in fewer number of ATM’s compared to its competitors. Though the card could be used at other banks ATM’s, the user might have to bear minimum expenses after 5 attempts in a month.

Benefits/ Rewards of IndusInd Platinum Plus Debit Card Review

Provision of InstaPin:

InstaPIN is a unique feature provided by the card which helps a user in instantly generating the IndusInd Platinum Plus Debit Card pin within seconds. A user can walk into the nearest ATM and generate Permanent Debit Card PIN. This allows the user to change the PIN with ease which acts as an added advantage to this card.

On-Going Benefits:

The IndusInd Platinum Plus Debit Card regularly provides various on-going benefits which might match the user’s requirements, enhancing the experience. Few On-Going Benefits with IndusInd Platinum Plus Debit Card are

Buy One Get One offer for tickets booked through BookMyShow Can be availed once per month (12 times a year). Valid for ticket price up to Rs.250/-
Insurances Lost Card Liability (Rs. 3,00,000)

Air Accident Insurance (Rs. 30,00,000)

Personal Accident Insurance (Rs. 2,00,000)*

Purchase Protection (Rs. 50,000)

Fuel Surcharge Waiver Up to Rs. 250/-
Points Redemption and Shopping On  Dining, Deals, Spa, Travel, and LifeStyle.


  • The Personal Accident Insurance* compensates the client’s nominee for accidental death, offers cover for permanent partial and total disablement, provides child education cover, major diagnostic tests. Moreover, the card also provides accidental hospitalization covering Daily Allowance, compassionate visit, and hospitalization expenses.
  • Under its On-Going Benefits scheme, the card also offers various deals and discounts on the dining, travel, and lifestyle owing to its association with a multitude of premium brands.

Variable Reward Structure:

The IndusInd Platinum Plus Debit Card offers users with a variable reward structure which empowers the users to earn more reward points with increased spending. The reward points structure is stated below.

Monthly Spends Points per Rs.200/-
Upto Rs. 5000/- 2
Between Rs. 5001/- to Rs. 10,000 3
Between 10,001/- to Rs. 20,000/- 4
Between Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 40,000/- 5
Above 40,000/- 6

The reward systems state that if a person is spending an amount between Rs. 5001/- to Rs. 10,000/- a month, he/she can avail  3 reward points for every Rs. 200/- spent instead of 2 reward points for the standards Rs. 5000/- per month. This reward structure allows users to pile points based on their spending patterns instead of being stuck to one fixed pattern, providing users with higher levels of flexibility.

Joining Bonus and Attractive Insurance Coverage:

A client can avail vouchers from leading brands worth Rs. 1000/- on the first swipe (transaction should have a minimum value of Rs. 500) within 30 days from the date of card issuance. Also, a customer can increase their reward points by availing the following benefits

  • 100 Reward Points – On the first shopping transaction (with an addition of 50 points for first online shopping).
  • Availing 100 Bonus Points on activating the card at IndusInd bank ATM.
  • 100 Bonus Points for activating Net Banking using this Card (New account holders)
  • 100 Bonus Points for activating mobile banking facilities.

How to get the most out of IndusInd Platinum Plus Debit Card?

  • For obtaining the maximum benefits out of this card, the client should be someone who indulges in watching movies, at least once a month (with the benefit of an extra ticket for no cost). However, please do note that this offer is valid only for tickets up to Rs. 250/-.
  • Also, if a client loves dining out and shows interest in visiting cafes,  he/she can utilize the IndusInd Platinum Plus Debit Cards to attain discounts across various hotels, travel agencies and shopping malls across the country. In addition, the client can also avail 6X reward features with online and international usage.
  • The client can also use these cards at petrol bunks to have fuel surcharge waiver of up to Rs.250/-
  • The client can utilize maximum out of this card even in regular scenarios, owing to the various card’s insurance policies covering air, and personal accidents. This would increase customer satisfaction and also safeguard his/her interests

Payments and Fees

Joining Fee Rs. 1500 + Service Tax
Annual Fee Rs. 799 +Service Tax (second year onwards)
ATM Withdrawal Limit (Per day) Rs. 1,25,000
Shopping and Purchases Limit (Per day) Rs. 2,50,000/-

Bottom Line?

Though the annual fee is high compared to its competitors, the rewards and benefits offered by the IndusInd Platinum Plus debit card compensate the fee, making this card an optimum choice for various target groups. The card has received a customer feedback of 3.1/5  based out of 678 ratings (available on the website). The transaction and withdrawal limit act in huge favor of the IndusInd Platinum Debit card which makes it a good choice for people with both low and high transaction requirements.

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