How To Pay Using EMI On Debit Card for Online Shopping?

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EMI on Debit Card

Online shopping websites and retail vendors generally do not offer EMI on Debit card purchases.This is applicable to purchases made on Amazon, Flipkart, retail stores, etc. There are more debit cards in use than credit cards in India. For every credit card holder, there are over 25 debit card holders in India. Therefore, Flipkart bridged the gap with respect to purchasing … Read More

Will Your Salary Increase After 7th Pay Commission?

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Salary Increase After 7th Pay Commission

To understand how much will your salary increase after 7th Pay Commission, it is essential to know what the Pay Commission entails. The 7th Pay Commission revised (increased by 23.55%) salaries and allowances, such as Dearness Allowance (DA), Housing Rent Allowance (HRA) and some Other Allowance. This increase was approved by the Central Government from July 2017. The Pay Commission retained … Read More

Indian Passport Documents List: Documents required for Passport Application

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Indian passport required documents list

The Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India holds the authority to officiate Indian passports. In below article, we will discuss the different documents required for passport application. Who Can Get A Passport? There are primarily four types of passport applicants in India. These are first-time applicants, re-applicants, minors and tatkal. A first-time applicant must submit identity, age and address … Read More

Virtual Credit Card in India: How it works?

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virtual credit card india

Virtual credit cards take many different definitions in India today. The definitions might vary from a digital wallet to a credit card add-on. In this article, we will discuss what a virtual credit card is in India, how they work, and the advantages (or) disadvantages of getting one. What is a Virtual Credit Card? A Virtual Credit card is an … Read More

Chit funds 101: Should I invest in Chit fund schemes?

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chit fund scheme

Chit fund schemes are some of the most commonly used investment tools in India. However, there is a negative perception around chit funds because of the chit fund scams of the past. Below, we will discuss in detail what chit fund schemes are, how they work, and who should invest in them. What is a chit fund scheme? A Chit … Read More

6 Tips to Avoid Chit Fund Scams in India

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avoid chit fund scams

For many people, chit fund schemes are synonymous with chit fund scams. The likes of the Rose valley chit fund scam and Saradha Ponzi scheme will be remembered as some of the most notorious financial fraud cases in India. Although the Chit fund act of 1982 lays out regulations and operational structures for chit fund companies, a lot of unorganized … Read More