How To Redeem SBI Credit Card Rewards Points

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SBI Credit Card

SBI Credit Cards State Bank of India enables credit card holders to get SBI rewards points when traveling, shopping, dining out, etc. with several merchants. These reward points can be traded for gifts, vouchers, accessories, discounts, goods and services, etc. SBI Credit Card Reward Points Most SBI credit cards are part of the shop and smile reward program. A credit … Read More

How To Redeem HDFC Credit Card Rewards Points

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HDFC Credit Card Rewards Points

HDFC cardholders can redeem HDFC credit card reward points online or offline (Post, customer care and FasTrac items). A customer needs at least 500 points to redeem points for vouchers, goods or services, tickets, air miles, discounts, etc. Except for the Diners black club credit card (3 years), all HDFC credit card reward points are valid for 2 years.   … Read More

HDFC Diners Club Credit Card Review

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HDFC Diners Club Credit Card Review

Review Summary The HDFC Diners Club Credit Card is a premium range credit card which helps you cumulatively save money if used frequently and widely. Points can be redeemed through the welcoming reward system while purchasing airline tickets from its partner brands serves best for traveling purposes. Almost anything purchased online and offline comes with a reward and the card … Read More

How To Check HDFC Personal Loan Status Online?

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How To Check HDFC Personal Loan Status Online

If you want to apply for a personal loan at HDFC bank, it is important to know how to check your HDFC personal loan status online. It is essential to have your personal loan application with you when checking your HDFC loan status online. How To Check HDFC Personal Loan Status Online ? Loan Account Sign-up You can check your … Read More

HDFC Credit Card Online Payment: How to make HDFC Credit Card Payment?

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HDFC Credit Card payment

HDFC allows customers to make credit card payments online. But, to make payments online, one must understand the several facilities extended by HDFC for making credit payments. We will go over net banking, HDFC mobile banking app, ATM transfer, NEFT/transfer from another bank, etc. How To Make HDFC Credit Card Payment? You can make your HDFC credit card payments online … Read More

What is Difference between Direct and Indirect Taxes?

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Direct taxes

Direct Taxes Individuals, HUFs, companies, etc. pay direct taxes to the Central or State Government respectively. These taxes have fixed tax-slab rates based on the income earned. The types of direct tax in India are Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Corporate Tax, Estate Duty, Fringe Benefits Tax, Gift Tax, etc. Indirect Taxes Manufacturers and service and/or good providers pay indirect taxes. … Read More

EPF Balance Enquiry: How To Check PF Balance With UAN Number

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PF Balance Check With UAN Number

UAN stands for Universal Account Number. An individual has only one 12-digit UAN number throughout their lifetime. This number remains the same even if an employer may change. An applicant can generate their UAN account number by logging on the EPFO website. Activate UAN To activate UAN, an individual must do/enter the following: Open the EPF website Enter Aadhar details and … Read More

National Saving Certificate (NSC) – Features, Schemes, Interest Rates Chart, Calculation

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national savings certificate

National Savings Certificate (NSC) The National Savings Certificate Scheme or NSC is a small saving scheme run by the Postal Department in Indian. NSC is a relatively safe investment considering its run by the Government. An investor or certificate holder makes an investment for a fixed period on certificates of varied denominations. Schemes Under NSC There are three types of … Read More

What Is A Credit Card? Pros, Cons, and Best Ways To Use

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HDFC Diners Club Credit Card

What Is A Credit Card? A credit card enables a credit card holder to spend money or make credit purchases. A credit cardholder must pay any outstanding amount and interest on their credit card. It enables a holder to buy now and pay later. A credit card holder will have a credit limit based on their income, credit score, etc. … Read More

LIC Online Premium Payment: How To Make LIC Online Payment

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LIC Premium

LIC allows policyholders to pay LIC premiums online, at banks, merchants, franchises, etc. Thus, a policyholder can make premium payments through/to: Debit card, credit card or net banking on the LIC website. Axis or Corporation authorized bank branches. Suvidha Infoserve, AP online, MP online and other franchises. LIC Online Premium Payment Online To make premium payments online, a policyholder must: … Read More

What Is Term Insurance And How Does It Work?

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term insurance

What Is Term Insurance? Term insurance pays a death benefit to one’s assigned family member if one dies during the term of their policy. A term insurance is a type of insurance an individual can opt for a certain time period.  Term insurances are provided by most insurance providers in India for terms like 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, … Read More

How to Buy TRON in India: 3 steps to buy TRX in INR

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how to buy tron in india in inr

From absolute obscurity to being a top 5 market cap crypto, TRON (TRX) is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies today. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, TRON is not easily available for purchase in Indian exchanges. However, one can purchase TRON We explore a secure way where one can buy TRON (TRX) in India in INR. How to buy TRON (TRX) … Read More

Documents Required For GST Registration

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GST Registration

Who Should Register For GST? GST is the new taxation system that requires suppliers of goods/services pay taxes once their annual turnover passes beyond a certain threshold. Any supplier with an annual turnover of more than INR 20,00,000 is required to register for GST. The threshold for special States (Assam, Manipur, etc.) is more than INR 10,00,000 for GST Registration. … Read More

What Is The Difference Between Current Account And Deposit Account

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Difference Between Current Account And Deposit Account

What Is A Current Account? A current account is for use by sole proprietors, companies, partnerships, associations, trusts, etc. to make current transactions. All business transactions are conducted through a current account. A current account does not have an end or maturity date. What Is A Deposit Account/Savings Account? A savings account is a basic deposit account for an individual … Read More