How to Choose the Best Home Loan Provider in India

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best home loan provider in india

A large segment of home buyers today pay for their homes by availing a bank loan. While searching for the best home loan provider, one must evaluate interest rates, processing fees, after sales services, loan eligibility, CIBIL scores, etc. In this article, we will provide a framework for homebuyers to choose the best home loan provider in India. Home Loan … Read More

How to Link Aadhaar With Mobile Number Online by OTP & IVRS

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How to Link Aadhaar With Mobile Number Online

Linking Aadhaar with the mobile number online is going to be a lot simpler starting December 1st, 2017. Mobile companies are rolling out a service to link your Aadhar with your mobile number just by using OTP. This means the users no longer need to visit telecom company stores to link their Aadhaar with their mobile numbers. They will be … Read More

Aadhar Card Download by Name and DOB, Virtual ID, Enrollment Number

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aadhar card download

The Aadhar Card today, is one of the most prominent national identity cards in India. Aadhar Card is now vital “must have” identity for every Indian with various benefits linked to it. The card is a unique 12 digit identity number that serves both as an identification and residential proof. One can get Aadhar Card download by Name and Date … Read More

How to Link Insurance Policies with Aadhar Card Number

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Aadhar card Linking deadlines

The Indian government has made an amendment to the PMLA (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) which has required all insurance policy holders to link insurance policies with Aadhar card. The deadline for this activity is set as December 31, 2017. If one does not link their insurance policy with their Aadhar card before the deadline, their insurance policy might be … Read More

CIBIL Score Calculation: How is Your Credit Score Calculated

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CIBIL score calculation

A lot of people check CIBIL score periodically to ensure that they are in good credit standing. In this article, we will evaluate the key factors that determine CIBIL score calculation. By understanding these factors, one can have a better understanding of how they can improve their credit score. Key factors that determine CIBIL Score Calculation Credit History (30%) Utilization … Read More

Commercial CIBIL Report (Tips to Improve Corporate CIBIL Rank)

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commercial cibil

Banks use Commercial CIBIL report data to make decisions on the creditworthiness of business’s credit applications. CIBIL gives two types of Credit Reports: Consumer CIBIL Reports for individuals and Commercial CIBIL Reports for companies. Companies have a credit report in the form of the Commercial CIBIL report that helps banks understand which companies are worthy of credit. The Corporate CIBIL Report … Read More

A Year Later: Impact of Demonetization on the Indian Economy

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impact of demonetization on the Indian economy

On Nov 8 2016, India, in an effort to curtail black money, canceled 86% of the currency in circulation.  Currency worth Rs.15.44 Trillion was demonetized and new notes were printed to remonetise the economy. As anticipated, the immediate impact of demonetization was a cash crunch in the first few months. Usage of credit/debit card and digital wallets increased as an … Read More

How to Check If Your Aadhaar Is Linked with Your Bank Account

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check if aadhaar is linked with bank account

The government has mandated for all bank accounts to be linked with Aadhaar card by December 31, 2017. Now, you have a simple way to check if your Aadhaar is linked to your bank account. There is a lag once you have completed the process to link Aadhaar Card and Bank accounts for it to be officially reflected. You can … Read More

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card Review – Updated in April 2018

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Standard Chartered Bank Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

The Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card is a great all-rounder card which covers rewards and cash back categories across the board. It is a decent card for folks in metros for their everyday purchases, especially ones who use Uber regularly. Annual fees are fairly priced, but Annual Percentage Rate is on the higher side compared to similar cards. With … Read More

How does Debt Settlement Impact Credit Score?

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How does Debt Settlement Impact Credit Score

What is Debt Settlement? A debt settlement is a process where a creditor and debtor mutually agree to settle the debt for an amount lower than the total due. Debt settlements occur when a debtor has the intent to repay a loan but not the means to do so. In this case banks may choose to settle with the debtor … Read More

How To Apply For A Credit Card

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how to apply for a credit card

Credit Cards have become a necessity for many urban Indians today. Knowing how to apply for a credit card and finding the right one can help you get a card with lower interest rates and higher rewards/savings on daily purchases. From being a handy tool for large payments to giving you peace of mind for all kinds of payment needs, … Read More

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Online Application Form – How to Apply

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Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Online Application Form

The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) is a Government initiative to provide subsidized housing for low-income Indians with the goal of building 20 million homes by 2022. This article is aimed at listing the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana online form process and simple steps to fill the form online. The scheme primarily targets people from Economically Weaker Section, Middle Income Group -1 … Read More

Chit funds 101: Should I invest in Chit fund schemes?

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chit fund scheme

Chit fund schemes are some of the most commonly used investment tools in India. However, there is a negative perception around chit funds because of the chit fund scams of the past. Below, we will discuss in detail what chit fund schemes are, how they work, and who should invest in them. What is a chit fund scheme? A Chit … Read More

What Is The Minimum CIBIL Score For Credit Card Qualification?

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Minimum CIBIL Score For Credit Card

When one applies for a loan or credit card, the bank first checks their CIBIL (credit) score to evaluate the borrower’s creditworthiness based on their past credit history. There is no required minimum CIBIL score for credit card applicants. Each credit card has different requirements of CIBIL scores from their customers. Banks also look at other information like annual income and … Read More