How To Track NSDL and UTI PAN Card Status (Updated)

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how to track uti pan card status

A Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is a unique 10-Digit numeric code essential for individuals and entities to file taxes, take loans, receive a salary, and open bank accounts. Additionally, a PAN card also plays utmost importance while applying for a credit card application or to file the Income Tax. A PAN Card is generally issued by the Income Tax Department of India. Owing to its requirements for various sectors, it is important to track your PAN card application and stay up to date. One can track his/her PAN online via few simple steps. This article is aimed at guiding people on how to Track NSDL UTI PAN Card status.

It is essential for an Indian citizen to apply for a PAN if his/her annual income exceeds the maximal amount not chargeable to Income Tax. In addition to the features mentioned above, PAN card also plays an important role in a multitude of services which include purchasing/acquiring goods exceeding a certain amount, in addition to withdrawing/depositing money. Let us now check how to track NSDL UTI PAN Card Status online.

How To Track NSDL and UTI PAN Card Status?

Once you file for a PAN card, you can track your PAN Card status either online and offline, right from application stage to delivery stage. You can choose either one of the above depending on your convenience and the resources you have. There are 4 different methods to track your PAN Card Status.

  • NSDL/UTI PAN Card Status through UTIITSSL helpline and SMS Alerts
  • Track PAN Card application Status by Name and Date of Birth
  • PAN Card application status through PAN Number
  • Track PAN Card application status through Coupon/Acknowledgement number

Steps to track NSDL and UTI PAN Card Application Status through Helpline:

This is a most optimum way to track PAN Card application status if you don’t have access to an internet connection. The method is fairly simple and you can follow the steps mentioned below to track your PAN Card Application Status.

  • UTIITSL Offices have toll-free helpline numbers to clarify or clear any issues related to PAN Cards.You can simply contact the helpline number to know your PAN Card application Status.
  • Once you contact a helpline, you must provide details pertaining to your PAN card which might include
    • Your Name
    • Date of Birth
    • PAN Number/Coupon Number
    • Mobile Number
  • Once you submit all your details, the operator(helpline member), will give your the PAN application status.
  • Each Center has a different helpline number. You can find the list of helpline number in the table below.
City Helpline Number
Mumbai +91(22) 67931300, 67931301, 67931304, 67931302, 67931303
Chennai +91(44) 22500426, 22500183
Kolkata +91(33) 22108959, 22424774
New Delhi +91(11) 23211262, 23211273, 23211274, 23211285, 23211387


NSDL and UTI PAN Card Status through SMS:

  • In addition, you can use SMS (Short Message Service) to know PAN Card Application Status. Please follow the steps mentioned below to track your PAN Card Application using SMS.
    • Send an SMS to ‘3030’ with the message structured as follows. The word PAN followed by your 15-Digit Acknowledgement Number.
      Example: “PAN XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX“. The message should be sent to 3030 in this format. (Please note that this is just an example and you have to type in your Application number in place of XXXX).
      Also, please be sure to enter/keep space in between ‘PAN’ and ‘Application number in the message.
    • Upon sending, you will receive a text message from NSDL UTI regarding your application status.
    • However, you must pay charges for the SMS sent. This process is not free. The charge varies for different service providers.


Steps to track NSDL and UTI PAN Card Application Status Online:

You can track your PAN Card status online fairly simply and securely. You can track your PAN Card status online in three different ways which include

  • PAN Card status by Coupon/Acknowledgement Number
  • Track PAN Card Status by PAN Number
  • PAN Card Status by Name and Date of Birth

Track NSDL and UTI PAN Card Application Status by Coupon/Application Number:

Acknowledgment/Coupon number is the 15-digit number you receive either on your mail(online application) or on a hard copy(offline application) when you apply for a PAN Card.

  • Log on to the official NSDL website.
  • You will now find details pertaining to your
    • Application Type
      • PAN New/Change Request
      • TAN New/Change Request
    • Please select the PAN – New/Change Request, as you wish to know the application status of your PAN Card
    • Enter your acknowledgment number. Upon entering, type the security code in the corresponding section. You can request for a new code in case you are not clear with the current one. Please click on the refresh option to get a new code.
    • Upon entering the code, click on submit, upon which you can track your PAN Card status.

**Caution: Please follow only official websites while tracking your PAN Card status. There are other fake websites which accept your PAN number and application number. These are not official Income Tax sources. Also, you might be prone to data theft if you type in your details at the said sites. Please be careful to input your details only in secured and official Government sites**

Track NSDL and UTI PAN Card Application Status by PAN Number:

In this method, you have the provision of tracking your PAN status either with a PAN number or Coupon/Application number. You can use this method if you have your PAN number but not your Acknowledgement/Application number. Please follow the steps mentioned below to find PAN Application Status using PAN number.

  • Please visit UTI website. Once you visit, you will find details which include
    • Application Coupon Number
    • PAN Number (10 Characters)
  • Type in your PAN number and type the security code mentioned in the website. Upon filling the details, click on submit.
  • If the PAN number is correct, you will get a status of your PAN Card application.

However, FinTown advises you to not use

this website as it is not secure and encrypted.  The site does not follow a HTTPS protocol, which could mean that the site is not properly encrypted. Also, typing in your details at this site might result in theft or loss of data. Hence, we advise you to follow the procedure of finding your PAN card status using Coupon/Acknowledgement number for more Security.

Track NSDL and UTI PAN Card Application Status by Name and Date of Birth:

Finding your PAN details or your PAN Card number by name and date of birth is fairly simple. You can follow the steps mentioned below to track your PAN Card status using only name and Date of birth. This method is the best option if you are not aware of your Acknowledgement/Coupon number or PAN number.

  1. Log on to the e-Filing Income-Tax Department website and click on the ‘Know Your PAN’ option, which is the 9th link under the Quick Links section. (or) directly visit Know Your PAN portal
  2. Once you click Know your PAN, you are redirected to a page which asks for multiple details. Entering the details which include your
    1. Surname(mandatory)(as mentioned in the application)
    2. Middle Name(not mandatory)
    3. First Name(not mandatory)
    4. Status* (mandatory)
    5. Gender
    6. Date of Birth (DOB) (mandatory) (Please enter your DOB in DD/MM/YYYY format)
    7. Mobile Number(as mentioned in the application form)
  3. Also, please make sure that you fill all your details correctly. Once you fill your details, click on submit, on which the page will redirect you to another page asking for an OTP.
  4. Furthermore, you will receive an OTP on the mobile number and you will have only three chances to type the correct OTP.
  5. Once you input the OTP, you can track the PAN card details.

The Status* category section includes

  1. Individual
  2. Body of Individuals
  3. Association of Person
  4. Trust
  5. Company
  6. Limited Liability Partnership

Please select the Individual option If you are an individual Indian Citizen (not a company or an association).

One of the advantages of tracking your PAN card status with Name and Date of Birth is that there is no need for you to have any knowledge of your Coupon Number or PAN number. This method can be followed even if you have or do not have your PAN (or) Coupon number.

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