Permanent Account Number (PAN)

A Permanent Account Number or PAN card is essential for filing taxes, taking loans, opening a bank account, credit card application, etc. Thus, it is essential that an applicant knows how to file and track NSDL and UTL PAN card status.

How To File PAN?

An applicant can follow these steps (in short) to file PAN in India.

  1. An applicant must log on the NSDL or UTI website.
  2. After logging in, an applicant must fill out a form and provide documents relating to proof of identity and proof of relationship.
  3. The applicant must pay for the print and delivery of the PAN.

How To Track NSDL And UTI PAN Card Status?

After Filing PAN, an individual can track their PAN Card status online and offline, right from application to delivery. An applicant can track NSDL and UTI PAN card status in the following ways:

  1. An applicant can contact the NSDL and UTI helplines (toll-free) and request a PAN status. Each City has a different number available on the NSDL and UTI website. The applicant must submit personal information such as application number, D.O.B, name, etc.
  2. An applicant can track their PAN status by logging on to the NSDL website. An applicant must select the ‘Know Status of Application’ on the homepage. An individual will be required to select application type, enter acknowledgment number, name and D.O.B online.
  3. An applicant can check the status of their change in PAN details/reissue/lost/stolen/etc. Thus, an applicant can enter their PAN number (and a CAPTCHA) to track PAN status online or offline.
  4. An applicant can track the status of their PAN application by using the application coupon number. An applicant receives an application coupon number after submitting the PAN application. This coupon number can be used to track PAN status online and offline as well.


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