How to Check Income Tax Refund Status?

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Income Tax Refund Status

Income Tax Refund Taxpayers who pay more tax than required in the previous Financial Year must file Income Tax Refund (ITR) to claim any refund. Tax refund applies to taxpayers if the tax authorities determine that you should get a refund. They send you an email and text message notifying you of the amount that you will receive a refund. … Read More

What is Difference between Direct and Indirect Taxes?

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Direct taxes

Direct Taxes Individuals, HUFs, companies, etc. pay direct taxes to the Central or State Government respectively. These taxes have fixed tax-slab rates based on the income earned. The types of direct tax in India are Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Corporate Tax, Estate Duty, Fringe Benefits Tax, Gift Tax, etc. Indirect Taxes Manufacturers and service and/or good providers pay indirect taxes. … Read More