Ripple Price in INR – XRP/INR Price in India (Chart & Calculator)

Ripple is a money transfer network that is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency in regards to acceptance and adoption. XRP is the coin associated with Ripple’s payment network. Ripple’s money transfer network aims to replace the current transfer system that is heavily monopolized by SWIFT and Western Union today.

Ripple Price in INR (Latest Price, Calculator, and Historical Chart)

XRP price:

1 XRP = 46.2300000 INR
1 XRP = 0.69160000 USD
1 XRP = 0.00008138 BTC
1 XRP = 0.00113200 ETH
1 XRP = 0.00411200 LTC
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XRP calculator:

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XRP to INR Chart/Graph

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FAQ – Ripple (XRP) Price

What is Ripple?

Ripple is a global payment protocol built as a Real-time Gross settlement sytstem (RTGS). It also has a currency exchange and a remittance network built under this protocol. By using this protocol, Ripple is trying to enable secure, cheap, and quick global payment transactions.

What is Ripple’s history?

Ripple was originally founded in 2004, but Ripple’s network and XRP did not launch until 2012.

Ripple has a total of 3 businesses under it:

  1. Ripple Labs, the parent company
  2. Ripple coin (XRP)
  3. Ripple Net, the payment network which now has big partners like Santander and AmEx

XRP Ledger is an alternative to the Bitcoin “Proof of work concept, in which XRP ledger serves as an enterprise blockchain supporting seamless, fast and cheap payments across the globe.

What is unique about Ripple?
  • Fast
  • Cheap
  • Acceptance from banking and financial organizations in South Korea and Japan
  • All coins alreadyexist = No mining
How many Ripples are there?

There were 100 billion Ripple coins that were originally created at Ripple’s inception. According to the protocol of Ripple, no more Ripple coins can be created anymore.

Why is Ripple price increasing?

In the year leading up to 2018, Ripple signed a lot of big partnerships with Santander, American Express, and major banks in South Korea and Japan. This has led to a frenzied amount of interest in Ripple like it has in many other cryptocurrencies, While some may consider this frenzy, others believe it is excitement around cryptocurrency. Through the next few years, we will see the true potential of cryptocurrency.

Where can I buy Ripple?

One can buy Ripple in Indian platforms like Koinex and btcxIndia along with international platforms like Binance.

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Is Ripple legal in India?

Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ripple is not currently regulated by RBI. RBI issued a third warning last week warning cryptocurrency users and traders in India on the risks of cryptocurrencies and ICO’s.